Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kitten pics and a vacation

I'll do my announcement first, because I know once you start looking at kittens, your brain is going to overload with cuteness.  I am going to be closed Wednesday the 18-Sunday the 22, so I can visit relatives up north.  I will answer e-mails when I get back.

I'm always excited to go back home, but this time I am going to catch the 37th annual Fargo Street Fair.  I remember attending the Street Fair as a child, back when the booths had a lot of crocheted doilies, modge-podged wooden plaques, and homemade Barbie clothes.  It has grown into a huge area event where an estimated 150,000 people go through hundreds of juried arts and crafts booths, eating kettle corn and drinking fresh squeezed lemonade.

OK, here are the kittens.  You can click on the pictures to make them larger.  All of these guys were dropped off at the shelter this morning for kitten sitting while I'm gone.  It's possible some will be adopted during that time, and I'm ok with that.  I took pictures this morning before I loaded everyone up.  Except Lucy.  I have no idea where she curled up this morning, but Harrison will take care of her when he housesits for me.

This is Shaggy.  He's probably a little less than a pound now...or there 'round.  He is clingy -- loves to be right all up in my business and is going to be a really pretty long-haired black cat with bright green eyes.  I will be picking up Shaggy and a few other of these kittens when I get back, because they're too small to be kept long at the shelter.

I picked Maiden up along with Shaggy about a week and a half ago.  She is one of the most sweetly affectionate kittens I've ever had at home.  She is gentle and so loving.  She's not quite big enough for surgery yet, so she may come back home for a little bit before surgery.

Short Stack -- he's got only half a tail.  He was borderline feral when I picked him up a week ago, and he tore me up that first day (I could not believe how hard he bit me and how loudly he could yell.)  But now...well, now he's a lap kitten and very nice.  He just needed love.  Again, he's very small, so he'll be coming back home.

Bungalow Bill.  This was another wild child...Bill hissed and arched his back at everything when I brought him home.  He's going to be BIG, but he's a lover now, not a fighter.  He's got really pretty peachy fur.  Look at those ears!

Sergeant Pepper is Bungalow Bill's brother.  He LOVES to wrestle, and is a little more independent than the others, but definitely still a friendly guy.  I think he'll end up pretty big, too.  He found a little bit of sunshine this morning to rest in.

Prudence is sister to Bill and Sarge.  She is a gorgeous calico girlie, smart, loyal, and social.  I do not expect to find her at the shelter when I get back.  I wouldn't be surprised if she gets adopted out yet today while I'm still in town.  So pretty, so nice.

Minus has got no tail -- her brothers are Short Stack (see above) and Gumbo (below.)  These three kittens were hours away from being put to sleep when I smuggled them home to foster.  They are adorable and so badly wanted love, care and attention.  She's a little more confident than her brothers, and took to home living quite easily.  And when I say she has no tail, she has not even a little piece of a tail.

I saved this picture for last -- would you LOOK at those eyes.  Don't they kill you?  This is Gumbo.  He, like his brother, was VERY nervous about people, a home, other cats, what-have-you.  But now, he's a little purr bucket.  He's a really nice bright orange color and will make someone a perfectly lovely big orange cat some day.  But in the meantime, we'll take care of him, and love him, and help him grow.

Other kitten news: Bunny, Jelly Bean, and Peter have all been adopted at PetSmart.  Still over there are Charlie, Willie, Isabelle, Peep and Highness/Princess/Miss Priss.  I got to meet Peter's and Bunny's families (nice folks) and Jelly Bean went to a new couple...the wife is in grad school, and Jelly will be their only pet right now, so she'll get lots of attention.

Have a great couple of days.  I'll check in when I get back into town!


marly said...

Have fun at the Fair. You deserve a break from being caregiver to all that cuteness.

Lucie said...

You do such a wonderful job with those little balls of furry cuteness :) I wouldn't be able to let them go and would end up a real crazy cat lady! The world is so much better with people like you in it to care for these little furballs :)

Have fun at the fair x

charlene said...

Hope your time away is relaxing. I think those eyes need to be stitched in a cute raise the roof fashion!

Isobel -Argante- said...

Hi Theresa,
I have written a lot of e mails. I hope you are still on a holiday...
Please let me know something.

The Primitive Hare

Kate said...

Love the pictures of the kittens. I have fostered litters in the past and I loved it. I currently have two of the cats I raised and bottle fed :)

I wanted to let you know that I recently started a stitching blog and mentioned you and your "Gentle Stitches" pattern in my most recent post. I hope you check it out!