Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Season Greetings!

Lolly, Ty and Bane were all tuckered out after a big day of turkey and fun at our house.  Dinner was, oh my gosh, so good.  (One of our guests said the dressing was the best he had ever had.)  And now I've got Christmas music on my iTunes and am thinking where I might put the tree this year, now that I've got the old tree spot loaded up with my needlework business things.

Before we eat, we go 'round the table and say what we're thankful for -- and my sweet husband said he was glad that I quit my way-more-than-full-time job at the shelter that was causing us both a lot of stress.  I said that I was thankful to be back with my family, and I can't tell you how utterly happy, relaxed and contented I feel.

Now that I'm back at it, I'm looking to clear space, so I'm starting to list some of my old shop models on my Etsy site: "Letters Great and Small."  I got a lucky 13 listed today, and am still digging through the piles.  Of course I've only got one left of each of these models -- so go look quick, before they're gone.  (The one pictured is a Ewe & Eye & Friends piece called Joyful Heart.)

Also, don't forget to look for my French Cathedral Sampler Graph, which will only be on sale through Monday for $7.

This afternoon, I'm going to try to get a new model finished and start the printing.  Tomorrow, I'll be uploading hand-dyed linens to my Etsy site.  Such fun, so good to be back, so happy.


Kaisievic said...

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

So glad to have you back with us, Theresa, I really have missed looking at your site daily and seeing all your wonderful designs, reproductions, and linens. You sound wonderful!

Mary said...

Always love photos of cats in a knot....I agree with your husband i am glad you are back too.

Melody said...

Good for you! We are glad to have you back too.

marilyn scott said...

Wow, that's so cute! I love the photo of the kitties. My best Christmas wishes to you and to your family. Wishing you all the best!

Warm hugs and kisses xxx

Lorrie Wish said...

Lovely card! I really like Christmas cards, and will be sure to visit your etsy shop. I make my own Merry Christmas Wishes Cards too, but yours are real work of art!