Thursday, March 5, 2015

1836 Louisa Horsey Sampler Kickstarter Project

I will do a market update soon, but wanted to share with you my new Kickstarter Campaign to purchase and reproduce the 1836 Louisa Horsey sampler.  I found this sampler two days ago on the Internet and was captivated by its beauty, quality, and heart.  The campaign will help me come up with the funds to purchase the sampler, which is on hold at the dealer's. (I only need 69 people at the $25 level to fund the project; if I receive more than my goal, participants at the $10, $25 and $40 levels will receive extra gifts!)

I'm always looking for new samplers to reproduce, but I have certain things that I look for.  I love pieces with unusual elements and fun motifs.  Samplers with more than just plants and flowers are fun to stitch, and this one has lots to love: a shepherd and shepherdess, folk art angels, an unusual border, a gorgeous urn, and a host of animals, including birds, sheep, a dog, butterflies, bugs and bunnies and more.

In the above picture, you can see what a treat it will be to stitch the border, as the flowers alternate, including a flower with a lovely navy blue coloring, still bright after almost two centuries.

If you look closely at the bottom border, you'll find two figures tucked inside.  The shepherd and shepherdess are wearing beautiful clothes, and would you look at that man's fantastic calves?

The sampler does have a somber tone, focusing on the death of dear brother Henry, who died the day he was born.  But the verse is hopeful, and I admire this girl for dedicating many, many hours to creating this one-of-a-kind sampler.

Follow this link: to read more about the project and the rewards for participation.  People who contribute $10, $25 or $40 will receive rewards in the mail (at $25 and $40, you receive the graph to stitch the sampler.)  I have one month from today to raise the funds.  Thanks for your help!


Wanda said...

Theresa what an incredible sampler and project! I am so thankful for all the designers who reproduce these amazing samplers for our viewing/stitching pleasure. Thanks for all your amazing designs.
(I am so in love with your new Jenny Bean 'For the Parlor')

Ann said...

What a beauty! I would be happy to back you also. Do you also accept PayPal (I've had some troubles with VISA recently and I'm still busy with it).
Thanks for letting me know!
Greetings from Belgium,

Theresa said...

Just click on the Kickstarter link, and they'll help you process your payment. Thanks so much for your support!

Sharon Cuppetelli said...

Theresa, so Happy to hear your doing so well..<3 I'm loving this piece, I'll be a part of the kick starter.. What a beautiful Sampler . You have such a great eye..<3
Blessings be unto you

Teri said...

Theresa, Your reproductions are so well done, I'm happy to help fund this sampler!

Jean said...

Dear Theresa, Thank you so much for what you do, your designs, your reproductions, your care of cats. Can't wait to receive Jenny Bean's For the Parlor. I have all your reproductions, and have ribboned with many of them at needlework exhibitions. I'm so looking forward to doing your Louisa Horsey Sampler. Jean

Sally said...

Hi again. I'm so glad I found you again after a long long absence. Hope things are improving for you and I did "kick" in for the kickstarter project. Your designs and web site helped me through many many stressful "corporate" work days and I never did say thank you! So thank you! Good luck with everything!

jhm said...

If you are interested in a family history for this family, let me know. I'll be happy to do one for you.


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Anonymous said...

I miss your posts. Cindy Huxtable

Anonymous said...


Denise Doherty said...

I am trying to contact you concerning your Kickstart project. I was one of the funders and I haven't heard anything since March, 2015. Please contact me concerning the rewards you promised with the funding of the project posted to this website. Denise Poirier Doherty,

The Hansen Family said...

How is the reproduction of Louisa going? I am anxious to get my hands on this one. Hope you're well!

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