Thursday, June 9, 2011

Free graph over at Needleprint

It's summer, which to me is time for red thread. But of course, Christmas is a good time for red thread. And so is Valentine's Day. Really, red is a good color any day. Jacqueline over at Needleprint has a free sampler download up on our blog, and I thought I'd point you over to her blog. (You can also download, for a fee, reproductions there.)

You can find the S'Gravenhage 1892 reproduction on her blog. She will also soon have a new book (THIS MONTH!) -- Micheal & Elizabeth Feller The Needlework Collection: 1. I can't wait to have one in my stash -- you can pre-order through me.


cross stitch kits said...

thanks for the suggestion, this sampler looks lovely

Marie-P said...

Thanks for the link to the sampler!

Jennifer said...

oh I LOVE IT~!!!!