Friday, January 20, 2012

Azrael (aka Zee Zee)

This is Azrael. I didn't take this lovely picture; it was taken by one of the volunteers of the Pet Photography Project at Southern Pines. Azrael came home with us on Wednesday, because she developed a little cold. Standard protocol at the shelter is to euthanize cats with colds, due to space restrictions (they don't have the room to treat a cat for a week and a half) and fear of spread of infection (these colds are very catchy, and sometimes can wipe out our entire cat cottage.)

She has just been fixed and is a lovely girl. She's got long pretty fur, a white chin and bib, and white socks. She was trapped outside, but I am thinking she had to have been someone's cat, because she came to our house and immediately acted right at home, finding a great spot on the couch to hang out. She's very affectionate with a nice, loud rumble of a purr, and gets along well with our other cats. She does like to be held and be close to people, so I know she's going to make a great pet for someone.

("Azrael" was Gargamel's cat in The Smurfs and is also the archangel of death...yikes! This morning I started calling her Zee Zee, which seems a little more friendly.)

The shelter estimates Azrael is a year and a half old, so her adoption fee is $50.00. That helps cover her surgery, rabies shot, microchip, and health and temperament evaluation. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Azrael, contact me by e-mail at


Kristen said...

She's gorgeous! Thanks for saving her life, Theresa!

(Wish I could take her, but 1.) I am all the way up here in Mass., and 2.) I have a pet rat. He wouldn't appreciate Zee Zee.)

Anonymous said...

Oh my heart just breaks for Zee Zee. Her story is so sad but I am glad you are helping to give her a happy ending. She is beautiful and sounds so loving. She reminds me of my precious former cat Mattan. Mattan was a he however. Looks just like Mattan too. Mattan was a tiger striped Siameese. He was beautiful and a great "lover" cat.
If I lived closer I would love to give Zee Zee a home but I know there won't be any problem once she is over her cold. Please give us an update on her when she gets a new home.
Give her a petting from all of us bloggers today.

Peggy Lee said...

She's beautiful. I like both names but I understand why you went to Zee Zee. :o)

natalyK said...

She looks just like a kitten we have taken in. We have 3 new fosters here at my house, all back from surgery and awaiting adoption. Zee Zee is charming and will find a home quickly I am sure! Great job saving the day!

Brenda said...

Oh I do hope she gets adopted! She's sooo beautiful!!!

Chris said...

Lovely girl :)

Lynn said...

Zee Zee is a real sweetheart! I can understand why they want to euthanize any cats with colds but I think it is such a shame. Thank goodness you brought this one home with you.

Paulette said...

Oh, I wish I could take ZeeZee. Poor baby.. what a beauty!