Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Da Cats

I promised a picture of Da Cats -- designed by Prairie Moon and stitched by me for Harrison's 21st birthday.  Here it is -- it was fun to stitch, and really, what could be cooler than a jazz cat with a goatee of sorts? Instead of cross stitching the lettering on the big drum, I shaped DMC wire floss and couched it down.  That way, it looks more scripty.

Harrison DID remember this piece from market, and he was THRILLED to open this gift, as you can see by the look on his face.  He's excited to put this up in his room at the apartment.

We went out for Thai food, which was delicious -- Graham conservatively went with Thai fried rice, but he said it was very good.  I can't believe how old these two are getting (Graham will be 16 in September.)

Harrison's girlfriend, Christiana, made carrot cupcakes for dessert.  They were DELICIOUS!  She says the trick is to use room-temperature ingredients.  She had her own cupcake shop in town for a while called Cirque de Sweet Day.

Just to be silly, we put ALL 21 candles into one cupcake.  That one was pretty ruined after a VERY quick singing of "Happy Birthday."  

But it was a happy afternoon and evening with two lovely people we only get to see sometimes.  We had whiskey sours, watched Mad Men, and played dominoes.  If you ask me, that's a pretty tame 21st birthday celebration!

I've also got one little fellow (or fellow-ina?) as of Sunday.  When we left the restaurant, my cell phone rang.  It was PetSmart.  A serviceman from the base here in Hattiesburg called PetSmart on his way back to town from New Orleans (about 100 miles from here.)  He had found a newborn kitten and didn't know what to do with it.  The shelters were all closed, and he couldn't keep it with his job, but he didn't want it to die.

So....PetSmart called me, of course, and well, here you go.  This little one does not have a name yet, but he/she is TINY (this is a close-up, but picture the face as the size of a quarter.)  This kitten is very strong and mobile and doing great with the bottle.  What can I do?  I'm hopeless!


RC said...

Happy birthday to your sweet boy! I can't believe he is 21. I remember him being just a little guy when you started SP. Those cupcakes look delicious! And I wouldn't have said no to that sweet little fluffball. Hope he/she continues to do great!

Kristen said...

Actually, that sounds like a great way to spend a birthday! Love the cross stitch, espcially the side view of the bass - so cool (daddio!).

Good luck with the new fuzzball.

Ginger said...

Happy birthday wishes for Harrison. Your Jazz Cats turned out great. As for your new addition, you simply are a sweet person that takes care of those less fortunate. I am in awe. said...

Happy BD to Harrison - glad there's another June BD!!! Yeah!!! That baby kitty is really black - at least I can see his face on my browser at home!

P.J. said...

That's like cool man, farrrr out! Da Cats really is a neat piece. Happy birthday to your young MAN. Bet the cupcakes were scrumptious. My goodness is that not a precious little face, many blessings to the man who saved this little one and many blessings to you for taking this angel in.

Sharon said...

Happy belated Birthday to Harrison! Sounds like you fun and I love your birthday gift to him! Perfect! I was drooling over those cupcakes.