Friday, September 11, 2009

Forced creativity...

Above is a cute note I received in 2008, after I taught cross stitch to three groups of fifth graders (including my son's class.) I got the best thank-you's from all of the kids. One of the cards said, "Thank you for showing me how to cross stitch. I think that this type of art work is awesome." Another said, "Thank-you for teaching us how to cross-stitch. I had fun doing it, too. I hope you become famous." My favorite one was, "Thank you for teaching us how to crosstitch (sic). It is in everyone's hand now that you tought (sic, again) us how to stitch. Sincerely, Kyle."

I went and checked out the TNNA Market Exhibitor Listing and found that I'm supposed to have some limited edition/St. Charles exclusive kits. (I had to write my market description something like six months ago, so you always have to guess what you'll have at market.) So, this weekend, I'm putting together (i.e., designing, stitching, and assembling) these goodies. I have a few great ideas, and just ordered a ton of red scissors from The Nordic Needle up in Fargo. Plan on something sampler-y, and something fobby, and maybe something ornament-y (I am going to try to create three little kits), and I'll post pics. as soon as I can here on the blog.

Wish me luck -- I'm crossing things off on my TNNA show check-list left and right, front and center, up and down, and all around.


Terri M said...

I love the note you received. I remember helping my son's 5th grade class make felt pumpkins. I didn't get any thank you notes, but I had a line up of kids asking me to help. It's great to be appreciated, even if they forget by the weekend. I'm sure you've inspired a few future stitchers.

Cant' wait to see what your new releases are. I love, love, love Jenny Bean, and not only b/c I used to call my son, "Jelly Bean."


FayeRaye said...

I also await your new releases! Excellent job so far....And coming from a first grade teacher, arent those notes the best??? I know you cherish them! Keep up the good work!

monique said...

I'll have to pop in your room and see what you came up with... I'm sure it will be fabulous :)