Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ann Hobbs

I wasn't totally happy with the way my printing came out when I published the Ann Hobbs graph. The original is LOVELY -- very delicate motifs and colors and just a fun old English style. I just took a picture here this morning to show everyone, since you may have missed it. Stitching motif samplers is a lot of fun, because you feel like you make progress really quickly as you finish the motifs one-by-one.

You can't even imagine how many photocopies I'm making in preparation for market. I love being able to print here at the shop, although the whoosh-ca-chunk noise may eventually get on my nerves. I'm out of paper again, so I have to head next door to Sam's Club for more. Got a big box of ink yesterday, and lots of envelopes and bags for packing kits and charts. Wish y'all could come over this weekend and help me pack them up. Wouldn't that be fun? I'd totally buy the pizza.


Jen said...

Just give me a call, I would be happy to help.

Bridget said...

I'll bring the baby and he can help sort things - it'll be a blast!

Theresa said...

Aw, you guys are awesome (my Hattiesburg friends!) I actually packed about 300 of the 11-page Sarah Woodham charts last night and about 70 "You'll Get Sick" Nashville Exclusive kits for Raise the Roof Designs. I need to print more. My printer hates me.