Friday, January 29, 2010

OK, I can't wait

Here are the two Jane Philpott samplers side-by-side at last. Wow! Of course the pictures don't do them justice. They are wonderous. The colors are so great. I was going to stretch the reproduction, but remembered I have to take it home and put the snake in. I hadn't decided how to graph it. Jane's is satin-stitched, so I decided to put in lines to help with satin stitching, but also put in cross stitch placement for those who would rather stitch it that way. Ssssss! What do you think? (Just click on the picture above to make it larger.) Chris did an absolutely fabbo job stitching this one -- it's a stunner, and she did a good job protecting it from drool at her various stitching functions/retreat. Thanks Chris! You're one in a million!

If you want to be on the auto, the silks are here, and I have a bunch of the fabric and more on the way. I will try to ship pre-orders out before market -- will depend on how the rest of the fabric comes in (slowly or quickly.) Of course if you're among the first to sign're golden.

Oh, one more note. Three of the birds have bead eyes (two tiny turquoise and one black). I decided to include the beads with the graph, so everyone doesn't have to try to run them down. I found some teenie tiny turquoise beads online, so I'm hoping they'll work... :D


Amy said...

These are sooo gorgeous!!

I am just drooling myself.

I am looking for a big project that will jump out at me and yell stitch me.

Have a blessed weekend.

C said...

Thank you Theresa for all your kind words, I was honored to be able to stitch this piece for you. You did a wonderful job in charting the piece and the colors are very good matches to the original sampler!

Catherine said...

Beautiful! Great job Chris! Another one to add to my list of wishes!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

What a stunner!!! Gorgeous!!

Theresa said...

Snake is stitched -- he turned out really cool. I am just waiting now for my turquoise beads to come in -- will order a frame tomorrow...oh, it won't be long! It looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! This sampler is breathtaking! So incredibly beautiful. Although I have been cross stitching for many years, I would appreciate having the snake charted both ways - just in case my Xs are better than my satin stitching. Blessings to you! kelley secrest