Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heeeeeere's Jane!

I just now finished stretching the Jane Philpott Adam & Eve Sampler here at the shop. Oh my. Oh my! She is beautiful. I am working on printing and packing charts. Shops will be able to buy charts from me at market, or you may pre-order for me to ship to you. Retail price is $25.00. I am not going to be able to put the bead eyes in with the graph...there's just not enough time. If you purchase a retail graph from me, I will send you eye beads free of charge (you just need three!) Let me know what you think -- I think she's wonderful.

My mom is here in Hattiesburg (at the shop, no less), helping me stuff charts and kits. So, I can tell her to "stuff it!" and she will! Isn't that great? Ha! I hope y'all are getting ready for a fabulous market season. The sneak peeks I'm seeing so far are great, and there are always fun surprises at this time of year. Stay warm and happy.


Susan said...

Yes, she is just wonderful! Love her.
Happy Day when Mom comes to help.

Robert said...

Jane Philpot looks great Theresa. I am currently working on Sarah Woodham (which is a lot of fun) and will most definitely have to add this one to the "want list".

Amy said...

This is just gorgeous! Love to visit your blog.

Have a great day.

woolwoman said...

Jane is just exquisite Theresa! Congratulations - I hope it is hugely sucessful for you and the new Jenny Bean looks great too!