Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A few new releases

October is here, and ho boy, am I happy about that. I don't have much time, as I am SWAMPED, but I wanted to share "Pumpkin Joe," a new Raise the Roof piece I just finished stitching yesterday afternoon. It's stitched on 30 ct. Tiger's Eye (Weeks Dye Works) with DMC floss 310 and Bittersweet Sampler Threads. A few buttons from JABCo are tied on with black floss.

And here is Ann Dale in her frame...now that the frame is here (just today!) I can start printing the graphs. Give me a few more days, and I can start shipping this and the big sampler. The smaller booklet of motifs will be not far behind.

And here's a close-up of Ann. You can click on these pictures to make them larger. I can't even tell you how beautiful this is in person. Well, yes I can. Very, very beautiful. Hope you like it!

You may notice the ground (at the bottom) is striped. That's how the original looks -- Ann's was very stripe-y. And I chose whites that were a little whiter than the original...just so they'd show up on the fabric (otherwise, photography can be very difficult.) If you want it to look even more antique, choose some "dirty-looking" white silks or flosses.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could post in ginormous (sp?) letters. LOVE ANN DALE!!!! Really like the Halloween one too, but I LOVE ANN!

Sherry :o) said...

Boy, as I told you earlier when we spoke - your samplers are awesome and I love them, they are beautiful and Ann Dale is no different!!

Looking forward to this one after I finish (or make more of a dent) in Elizabeth Mary Gandey!!

Love the pumpking too, cute!

diamondc said...

Theresa: What a cute pattern I must but one.

Lynn said...

I love both designs! Ann Dale is exceptional though. It really is a beauty!

Merry Wind Farm said...

Can't wait for the full sampler chart of Ann Dale to be available!

Koala said...

WOW!!! That's much-much-much more than I expected!! Ann Dale is gorgeous! Please, put me on the list of first buyers :-)

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Beautiful releases...Ann is stunning!

Giovanna said...

I love both projects! And how cool is that frame on the Halloween piece?

Bhooma said...

Anne is so gorgeous. I have been eagerly waiting for the charts and now that I know you will be releasig the chart soon, I am excited. it is not as if I don't have anythig to stitch LOL

Anonymous said...

I was so delighted to meet you at St Charles! And to see this original in person. Now, finally, the charts are coming. I may not be able to stitch it for awhile, but I must have it as soon as it hits the market. I am going to call my LNS and tell her to get it on order for me. Thanks for the beautiful work you do.

Anonymous said...

When will the big one be ready? I asked my LNS to order and they didn't know what I was talking about. Is it named Ann Dale?
I am so anxious to start this one, i saw it at Celebrations in St Charles, fell in love!! I only want the large chart though.
Thanks for all you do! Can't wait until next year at St Charles...counting down.
Judy from KS

Anonymous said...

Working on Weeds Make Haste. Chart shows a Club symbol, (duck and dress trim) but doesn't show that symbol in the list of threads. What thread do I use? Also in thread list I see a percent symbol but don't see it in the chart at all. Please help.