Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thread usage for Ann and what's next...

I've decided to call the Ann Dale full sampler "Ann Dale 1827: Big and Beautiful." I finished charting the sampler, finally, last night. There are over 65,000 stitches in this baby! Needless to say, you'll go through a fair amount of floss. Here's my best estimate on how many skeins you'll need of each color (no number afterwards means just one skein.) Of course, your individual stitching style may increase or decrease the number of skeins you need (for example, how much ripping you do...ahem.)

Needlepoint Silks: 155A, 203, 242 (2), 335, 348 (3), 505 (4), 633, 635 (3), 692 (5), 756, 871 (3), 976, 987, 991 (2)

Gloriana Silks: Holly Berry, Vanilla (2)

Belle Soie Silks: Wheatgrass (4)

The fabric is 40 count Vintage Pear by Lakeside Linens.

And of course, I'm not even done printing this new sampler and people are already asking me: "What's next?" Sheesh! I have pulled out the beautiful Jane Pattison sampler that I bought not long ago on eBay. I think it has a definite wintery feel to it, and will be a great palette cleanser after you've done some motor stitching on Ann's sampler. I also have a surprise sampler that I will be working be released soon, actually...I'm so excited. It's an antique I found with a Christmas tree on it!! OH MY!

Wish me luck. Cats are well and happy. Zero has a new trick whereby he comes galloping across the room, leaps to the back of the couch, bounces off the cushions and catapults himself up to the top of the curtains where he hangs very nonchalantly. Like it's no big deal. That guy!

(Addendum: I had someone ask for the verse for the Ann Dale sampler. Here it is:

I pass a few swiftly fleeting years,
And all that now in bodies live,
Shall quit, like me, the vale of tears,
Their righteous sentence to receive.

But all, before they hence remove,
May mansions for themselves prepare
In that eternal house above!
And, O my God, shall I be there?)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sampler. I can't image the time and work effort that goes into reproducing the chart. I would like to find out someday, I think.
After your resent endevor I would say you need to slow down and take a break not what's next.
I don't know about anyone else out there but I can't keep up stitching these marvelous reproductions. Just to many lovely ones I admire so.
The christmas tree one does sound interesting. Can't wait, okay I'm an sampler addict.
Have a great Thanksgiving.

donnacrafts said...

Your work is outstanding and I love, love your choice in samplers. Sarah Woodham is just about done. I just need to stitch the hair. I have Ann Grant sorted and ready to begin stitching on Thanksgiving.

Thank for your effort. It is very much appreciated.


Giovanna said...

Such gorgeous samplers! I definitely need another couple of lives too, lol. Congrats on finishing Ann Dale's charting.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! What a job!

Oh, I can hardly wait to get it in my hands. I will be checking the mail very closely.

Can't wait to see your new design.
Thank you for all you do.

Anonymous said...

65,000 stitches!! Takes my breath away! Wowsy! I'm looking forward to Jane Pattison being charted AND the Christmas tree sampler has certainly piqued my curiosity!! Hugs from Kentucky - kelley

Adele said...

Theresa, I can hardly wait until this sampler pattern is released! It is simply breathtakingly beautiful. Will you also have a DMC conversion for the silks and specialty threads? I love the way silks stitch up, but sometimes I just can't afford to purchase these and a DMC conversion would be greatly appreciated!
Looking forward to stitching this, Adele

Theresa said...

The chart includes a conversion to DMC and to Sampler Threads, so you have a few options. :)


Bhooma said...

I have been eagerly waiting for the release of the chart. Can't waiit to get my hands on it.

Sherry :o) said...

Oh my, two more must haves! I am beginning that same love/hate relationship I have with Kohl's department to shop there, wallet not loving so much!! LOL

Beautiful work in reproducing, Theresa....stunning, actually!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Shari Cooper-Michener said...

When will new,Ann,Dale be ready for purchase please?
My email is