Thursday, September 6, 2012

Finally, a check-in with the kittens

It's not that we don't HAVE kittens.  In fact, this morning, there were ELEVEN of them running around our house.  But some of them went back to the shelter today, so I snapped a few graduation photos, and thought I'd introduce you to a few of the little ladies and gentlemen who take up much of our free time.

Above is Sadie.  She was found in the parking lot at Target four or five weeks ago.  Would you believe gorgeous little kittens like this have trouble finding homes at the shelter?  A lot of people consider black dogs and cats to be "common" or "uninteresting," but this is the swagger-iest kitten, and one of the smarter ones we've had come through our house in a while.  She's got very soft fur, and her eyes are going to be bright green.  She's now surgery weight, so she'll be fixed, then taken to PetSmart for adoption.

Finn was one of two sisters my son Harrison took in a while back.  These two weren't big enough to be at the shelter yet, so he saved them by letting them crash at his place.  Harrison moved back home this last week, and brought these girls with him.  Finn is a little shy, but really, really nice, and happy.  He is pretty sad they'll have to go, but he's so happy he could help.

Pearl is Finn's sister, and she is outgoing and brave.  I think both of these sisters are going to be big cats (look at the EARS on this one!)  I'm so proud that my son loves animals enough to take some under his wing to nourish and love.

These two are adorable -- do you recognize Gumbo (on the right?)  He almost died about six weeks ago, and had become just skin and bones.  Now he's a little sand bag with a round, warm belly and a lot of love to give.  His eyes are still big, and he's such a lover.  Holly (left) is going to be adopted along with Gumbo by a reader, and they are going to go live in Alabama!  They actually really love each other -- I often catch them napping together, playing together, or giving each other baths.  It's a great big brother/little sister relationship.  Holly was found in a holly tree when she was teenie.  She has grown, too, and has such a winning personality.

This is dear Zephyr.  She isn't quite big enough to go back yet, but I snapped a quick picture of her.  She is one of the gentlest, mildest kittens we've ever had in the house.  She and another one of my tiny kittens (Han Solo) follow me around the house, and whenever I land somewhere, both are up on my lap or on my shoulders.  I also have Zephyr's brother, the unfortunately-named "Ding Bat." (We did not name him.  In fact, we call him "D.B.")  He looks a lot like Zephyr, and I'll post pictures soon.

So, the kittens we have at home in addition to these six in the pictures are: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Twee, Leia, and D.B.  I'll post pictures of these little rascals soon.

And I do get questions about how Brave is doing.  A few weeks ago, I took her back to the shelter. She had some stomach "issues" and I could never catch her to get her medicated.  She was still VERY nervous around people, scared, in fact.  Anthony and Harrison took her in at the Cat Cottage and put her in a cage with a blanket, food and water, and a litter box, and gave her medication every day, and she is now feeling a lot better.

The other thing being isolated did to Brave is it taught her to love people!  She was always looking for affection from my cats at home, but wanted nothing to do with us.  Once people were her only option for love every day, she learned to trust and become comfortable.  A few days ago, I visited her, picked her up, and she purred and let me hold her for a while.  So nice!  She is saved and now up for adoption.  It just goes to show that sometimes all someone needs is a little love and understanding to turn out just great.



Krista said...

awww, all so cute! I wish I could take them all home :)

taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

Just precious!!!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I so enjoyed this catch up about all the lovely little ones.

Unknown said...

That is so sweet, thanks for the update

Shirlee said...

I really admire you for taking such good care of all these cats & kittens. I would do the exact same thing if I could. Maybe one day : )

Beauty Bonnet said...

so nice to see you post again. but what happened to Dublin? and Oslo?

Debbie said...

So glad you had time to update us on kittens!! A wonderful post!

Debbie in Kansas