Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Super-Quick Check-In

Nashville is this weekend -- no, I'm not going.  Can I tell you how much I am glad not to be going?  I will totally miss seeing all of my industry buddies, but with the tornado here two weeks ago, and some changes going on at Southern Pines Animal Shelter, and two kittens to foster, I've been running myself ragged helping out hither and thither.

I do have one release for this weekend.  More is on the way.  Rather than release it all at once, I'm going to do so slowly.  It's much less stress on me.  And in that theme, let me present my new piece, "Let There Be Peace."

It's stitched on 32 count Natural Belfast linen with a limited edition pack of The Gentle Art Sampler Threads that will be available at market this weekend (or by order, if there are packs left.)  I used a few specialty stitches, but the entire thing can be stitched in regular cross stitch, too.  I think it's a nice sentiment.

I had to put down two kittens in the last week and a half -- terrible stomach bug, and trust me, you do not want to know the details.  Poor dearies.  I've still got two, though, and they are doing well -- getting big and fat, shiny black coats, scampering feet and beautiful little whiskered faces.  Will post pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

It is truly beautiful.

Sorry to hear about kitties and am looking forward to seeing the survivors.

susan said...

So sad to hear about the kitties. From some recent posts, it seems you are at some crossroads in your life but I am so glad you are still designing. I love this piece and despite a stash that might get me on an episode of hoarders (teasing for now), I think I will have to add this to my collection.
Susan C

Peggy Lee said...

Love your new design.
Sorry about the kitties.
Looking forward to pictures of the others.

cucki said...

Ohh so sorry about the kittens...
This design is so sweet.
Hugs x

Lynn said...

What a shame about the kittens. When the wee ones get hit with some of those bugs they just don't have the stamina to fight it, poor things.
I love your latest release. I sing in a few choirs and there is actually a song that we sing to these words. I'll be stitching this one just as soon as I'm able to acquire it. It always takes longer for patterns to reach us here in Canada.

diamondc said...

Nice relaese, but you need to slow down.
So sorry the tornado hit your area.
I have a new rescue kitty, she came to live with us late last year, she was only five weeks old, the vet did not think she would make it, matted eyes shut and a respirtory infection.
She is with us and very mush alive almost too much.
Love the pattern I need to add it to my stash.