Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm back!

Well, to be fair, I never left. In fact, in my neck of the woods, there's been a lot more of me everywhere.  I've been putting in very long, hard hours at the animal shelter I manage. I go to bed so very tired every night, that some mornings I wake up in the same position in which I went to sleep, sore on that side, and still aching from the previous day's work.

I've still been fostering kittens, and of course my days are filled with animals.  In the last ten weeks, our shelter has taken in around 1,700 animals.  I have hired staff (and let a few go), have handled multiple crises with as much grace as I could muster, have been on the news a number of times, and really, I've just been working my butt off.

And when I get home every night around 7...or 8... I think about cross stitch.  But I haven't had the strength to even pick up a needle.  I had to close down my shop in the last few weeks, too, so that means in addition to extremely long weeks at the shelter, I've been hauling boxes, tearing down displays, and moving things back home.  I'm setting up a home office; I found a desk and chair yesterday to order, so for today, I'm on the kitchen table, and we're just going to have to eat our dinner in our laps.  I have missed you guys!

Okay, so ...

I've got Mary Bate's reproduction ready to go.  Look for it on my eBay shop.  The chart price is $20.00.  The piece is 270 by 390 stitches and can be stitched in DMC floss or Needlepoint Silk/Gloriana/Silk N Colours.  Here is a supply list, if that helps:

Needlepoint Silk 763, 993 (3), 756, 203, 693, 957, 913 (2), 333
Gloriana Silk Old Gold (2)
Silk N Colours Rye Grass
Linen: 40 count Espresso by R&R Reproductions or 40 count Vintage Light Exemplar by Lakeside Linens

Yes, I've been fostering.  But I've got a roast in the oven, so I just want to share some pictures with you real quick, hopefully to tide you over until next time.  I have lost a few kittens, but have saved a bunch this year.  I am trying to limit myself to three at a time, but right now have five (several came back sick from the shelter.)

Currently here at the house -- absolutely one of the most affectionate kittens I've ever had.
A baby doll.

Super-funny and active.  And look at those amazing whiskers.

Came in by herself, and was terrified at first.
Trying to get over a cold here at the house.
So nice.

Freddy Mercury.
Also came in by himself.
Adopted last weekend.
His new little boy has the same color hair he does!

At the house -- also with a cold.
VERY unusual coat of cocoa brown and cream.
Her eyes have become concerned-looking, but she hasn't a care in the world.

Also at the house.
Slightly cross-eyed.
Handsome, nice, and very soft.

I hope life has been treating you well.  Life is treating me well, and I'm treating it well right back.

Be good!  Hope to talk to you again real soon.


Carmen Sutton said...

Good to see you back at it. Love the new sampler and the kittens are always too cute. Glad your liking your new job tired is good when you like what your doing!

Krista said...

Love the new sampler! The kittens are adorable, wish I could take every one!!

Laurel - Laurel's Stitchery said...

Hi Theresa,
Will you still be selling through Hoffman, Norden, etc.? Love your work! :)

Theresa said...

Yes, Norden and Hoffman will be getting these charts in the next ten days or so. :)


Judy said...

So happy to see you back. Glad things have worked out for you.
Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us through the year.
Judy in Kansas

Cari said...

Thanks for the update. I've been watching all the work you do at the shelter on Facebook. Good JOB !! Love the new sampler as well. I'm still drooling over Sarah Chappell and hope to start her soon. She's a beauty.

Hugs .. Meow ...

Sharon said...

Theresa, I have missed you! I am thrilled that things are going so well. Love this new sampler, does it have over one in it? The kittens are adorable! Tabasco has a new sister, Kensi. Another little kitten I got from a shelter. She is a gorgeous little tortie. I now have a total of five!

marly said...

Those whiskers are fabulous! So enjoyed seeing the fosters. I'm sorry you have to work so hard and it has to be difficult emotionally also. The sampler is amazing.

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

thank you for the beautiful pictures ! bisous de FRANCE

Delania said...

We have missed you but know you have been busy. Thank you for sharing the pics and sweet comments on the kitties. Love the sampler and will have to add it to my stash.

Cath said...

Yay ! Pleased to hear from you. I have missed hearing about you , your stitching and your kittens . Love your little furbabies. X

Melissa said...

Theresa, I am so glad you took the time away from the kitties to do this repro - I love it! The kitties are very lucky to have you too. Keep up the great work!

ps I am also wondering if the words are over two or over one. Thanks!

Peggy Lee said...

Oh my...that sampler is gorgeous!

I love your kitties. So sweet.

Ginger said...

OMG - I am glad to see that you were able to update your blog. I was getting a bit worried about you!

It sounds like you are in your element at the shelter. This may be one of those "made in Heaven" jobs. Good luck with all that you do.

Keep us updated as you can. I love the kitties, and always want to take some of them from you. The little girls in this post would fit right in at my house.

I am glad you still have a wee bit of time to do your reproductions. I am getting ready to do Sarah Chapple and I am quite excited about it.

Take care, do good and remember to have some fun as well.

woolwoman said...

You have been missed Theresa - but I know you have been working thru many challenges and adjustments to your new life. Good luck on the new repro and setting up shop at the house. Take care Melody

llknbillburg said...

So glad the have you back on the blog. It is always so interesting to see what you are up to. Love the new sampler! I'll be watching Ebay for its release! Laura

Norma said...

so this is where you've been. I've been missing you. GLad your busy and happy though. Kitties are so cute

Barbara said...

I saw the picture of your sampler by Blackbird Designs. I believe you said it was a Loose Feathers Mystery Sampler. Just beautiful! Do you have any idea where I might find the pattern? I understand it is out of print. Thank you.

Kerri said...

So happy to see you post again and happy you are happy!

We fostered our first shelter dog and it has been a great experience. Seeing a near starved scared little puppy grow into a great dog with lots of love to give.

Good luck in all your new ventures!