Saturday, February 8, 2014

Needlework UFO Adoptions

For over a year, I've been kicking around the idea of how to facilitate a UFO swap online.  There are so many of us with so many projects we aren't finishing, won't finish, don't have time or energy or desire to finish, and so these poor projects sit idly by in a dark drawer with some other orphan buddies.

Back in 2001, my husband and I went to London, and we visited the Victoria & Albert Museum, which has a wonderful needlework collection, including many, many UnFinished Objects.  And while there is a certain amount of beauty in something that has been started, the satisfaction comes when a needlework piece is finished, framed and admired.

So, I have started a new group on Facebook to help these wayward orphans find homes.  I am including here the same rules I have posted on Facebook.  I may edit these rules as issues pop up.  I do not accept responsibility for any transactions (except my own) on the page, but am the administrator in that I will keep an eye on the goings-on.  I hope that you have fun participating in or just watching the group.  You can visit and join the page by going to this link:  Encourage your friends to like and follow the page.  The more people we have, the more fun it will be.


Many of us have needlework projects we have started that we have either lost interest in or just don't have the time or energy to complete. These sweet little projects sit alone in dark drawers, tucked in boxes, or stacked in totes under the bed with the dust bunnies.

I have organized this page for people who would like to find these wayward orphans new homes where they may someday soon find completion and a place on the wall where they can proudly be admired and enjoyed. Please read the rules below if you would like to participate:

1. Anyone can follow this page, even if you never plan on adopting a UFO. It does not cost any money to join, and you are not obligated to post or adopt.

2. UFO's (or orphans) can be any type of cross stitch or similar handwork project (like you would find in a needlework store...embroidery, Hardanger, punchneedle, ribbon embroidery, Brazilian embroidery, class piece, etc.) Please, no quilting, knitting, crochet, sewing, painting, or other craft projects.
I reserve the right to delete any projects or posts that I feel do not match the requirements of adoption or which are spam, offensive, or otherwise unrelated to our group.

3. To post a UFO for adoption, include a picture of the project (if you can iron it first, that may help you take a better picture.) You can also include in the picture the supplies that come with the UFO (if any). If you see a UFO you would like to adopt, simply contact the owner via Facebook. I do recommend that adopters practice first-come/first-served.

With the photograph, include a description with as much information as you can give. Some ideas are what percentage (estimate) of the project is left, the designer's name and title of the piece, how long ago the design came out, the types of stitches used, whether or not you will be sending any supplies along with it (threads, embellishments), and whether or not the piece has been exposed to smoke or pets (this really matters to some people, as they have allergies.) Also, if there is anything missing or damaged, that is good for the adopter to know.

4. The UFO's must come with the original instructions (not photocopies, unless the chart was originally a copyright free design) AND the UFO (the needlework you're got started.) If you've got the fibers and embellishments to send as well, that is great as dye lots will vary. 

5. Include what you would like in exchange for the adoption (this is your "adoption fee.") You can post free adoptions here, if you like. Or, you can ask for a Paypal money transfer (set a price), send it COD, ask for a gift certificate from a shop, swap for another UFO (or specific patterns, supplies, etc.), chocolates, hand cream...or even ask the adopter to make a donation to your favorite charity. It's up to you. The current UFO owner is responsible for paying for shipping, so work that into your adoption fee (or keep it in mind.)

6. Remember when asking for your fee that what a project is worth to someone else is usually not what you spent on it, or the time you put into it (although you may include that information in your listing). Asking for a reasonable fee or swap is the best way to find that orphan a home.  If you are willing to accept "offers," include that in your description, but let's not haggle each other to death.  If your "price" is firm, please say so.

7. How the adoption is handled is up to the current UFO owner and the adopter. I do not gain anything by operating this page and take no responsibility for people who don't pay, for projects that aren't as promised, or for any other flake-out or weirdness. I would hope that everyone can play nice and that we can all trust each other, but, as with anything, buyer beware. It's best not to include your personal information (especially addresses and phone numbers) where everyone can see. Include those in your private messages to each other either via Facebook or e-mail. I really recommend against anyone giving anyone else their credit or debit card number.

(Also, adopters, keep in mind that everyone has different stitching techniques and abilities. We don't all cross our X's in the same direction, some of us are fastidious about our backs, and some of us aren't, some of us are really skilled, and some of us are still learning. If you have any questions about the project, ask them before you adopt. I do not encourage "refunds," but how the adoption is handled is up to the two involved parties.)

8. It is never a bad idea to use tracking when shipping a package, and it is usually an inexpensive addition. Make sure to pack projects securely. If you can put everything inside a plastic bag (or wrap in plastic wrap), that will protect against water damage in transit. When an adoption is either pending or completed, post that information in the comments of your original post, so you don't continue to get questions. I recommend just putting the word "ADOPTED!"  You are welcome to delete/take down your post at any time.

9. Please also feel free to post pictures when you finish a UFO that you adopted here. We'd all love to see these orphans get their day in the spotlight!

10. If there are transaction issues, I will not serve as a mediator, so please don't ask. But, if someone is abusing the system (adopting, but not paying, accepting payments, but not sending...or is being harassing or threatening), I do reserve the right to kick that person off of the page. Please feel free to invite friends. This is an open group, and I hope we can have a lot of fun with it.


Kristen said...

Great idea Theresa! I look forward to seeing the UFOs and the finishes. :)

Kevin said...

Fantastic idea! Thank you for setting this up!

Kevin said...

Fantastic idea! Thank you for setting this up!

Stasi said...

Great idea--I'm off to FB!

Anonymous said...

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Stitching Noni said...

Great idea :)

Unknown said...

Hi, I was wondering if you would be interested in selling your wildflower patterns by Curtis Boehringer when you're done with them?

Unknown said...

Hi, I was wondering if you would be interested in selling your wildflower patterns by Curtis Boehringer when you're done with them?

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