Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sneak Peek Number Three...Almost There

I just finished stretching and framing Jenny Bean's Friendship Sampler. I'll take a more "artistic" shot for the chart cover, but hey, now you get to see 3/4 of the sampler AND the wonderful frame by Eastside Mouldings. When I designed the piece, I wasn't sure I liked this third house...seemed weird to me. But when I'd go to change it, I'd keep coming back to it. And once I stitched it, I loved it! The roof is very cute, and the colors are strange, and look at my cats! In the corner you'll see Boo and Ruby. You can stitch colors of your favorite cats and their initials. In a week, I'll post a picture of the whole thing. LOTS of people are pre-ordering this one, and shops are chomping at the bit. Yea!

And since you're all such kind and good people, here is another market sneak peek. It's "Father Sail Home." This is finished in an Olde Colonial Pencil Box I bought at the last market, because I thought it was so cool. It's stitched in Sampler Threads, and shops can pick up this limited edition set at market. But there is a conversion to their regular line and to DMC, too. I was thinking...pencils...school...little girl. And then I just got to daydreaming about a little girl named Emeline whose father had just sailed off for adventure (or work.) Kids still miss their moms and dads when they have to travel, and it's always so nice when the whole family is together again. Hope you like it. Thanks (again) to my good friend Kathy for stitching this for us.

I accomplished quite a bit this weekend. I finished my Jenny Bean 2010 Christmas ornament, and I also designed and have almost finished stitching a sampler round pincushion that will be released as a limited edition kit at market (it'll come in a tin with the limited edition threads and finishing instructions.) I'm still hacking away at market things. This week will see the printing of many a graph.

Today is my son's fourteenth birthday -- happy birthday, Graham! You're so cool!


woolwoman said...

what exciting peeks Theresa! Loved the pencil box - great design and the newest JB is lovely! Colors beautiful and HB to Graham. Good luck with your market preparations. Mel

PamE said...

Happy Birthday to your son and I can't wait for my things to arrive! I'm trying to finish up a few things so I can start on JB as soon as it arrives with a clear conscience!

mainely stitching said...

You've been so productive!! Hooray! And I absolutely love your latest creations.

Happy birthday wishes to your son!

Amy said...

I love the new Jenny Bean design. I have two kitties that look like your cats! So, this sampler is a must for me. Thank you for providing the thread list and the fabric, but could you also give the stitch count?

Neila said...

Another Jenny Bean to add to my growing collection!

Paulette said...

Happy Birthday, Graham!!! I loved turning 14. :)

All of your market releases are wonderful! You are such a talented lady! :)