Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sharing some pictures from stitchers

I had some very talented stitchers e-mail me pictures of projects I've released -- I love seeing what other people do with my designs! I thought I'd share these with you.

First up is Debby's sampler she stitched for her daughter and son-in-law. Here's what Debby has to say about the sampler:

"The sampler has their names and birthdates and the date, location and time of their wedding. The ring (middle left) was my Mother's original wedding band and the diamond heart to the right was the necklace my husband gave me to wear on our wedding day (34 years ago).

Middle left "The Journey" and stitching above it represents the diamond my Daughter's new hubby gave her on their first Christmas together. The "Y" (middle left) says: You are the best thing that ever happened to me..... which is their song they had their first dance to. The date on the bottom left is the date he proposed and the date on the right is the date he asked for her hand in marriage. The little dog is their little Yorkie. They love to go on long walks in the park (they love trees) and my daughter loves flowers.

Just a side note. My Mother never got to see this sampler as she passed away a week and a half after the wedding. She was 93 years old and was so anxious to see it."

If you don't recognize the pattern, it's because she used PART of one of my reproductions, the Ann Hobbs Antique Spring Sampler. Here's what that one looks like all done. Isn't she clever to have made a sampler that is truly unique! What a lucky daughter she has!

Ashley e-mailed me with a picture of "God Bless Those," a limited edition kit I released at market this spring. Here's what she has to say:

"Just wanted to share my Gob Bless Those with you. The colors were so much fun to work with knowing they are limited edition. I'm really proud of it! I have it hanging in my office. You did a wonderful job with this design."

And Sherre sent me a picture of her Jenny Bean's Christmas Ornament 2010. She played with the colors and framed hers -- didn't it turn out nicely? She's so talented. Here's what Sherre had to say:

"I am a fan of your designs and recently stitched up the "Jenny Bean Christmas Ornament 2010." I made some changes to it--changed colors to make it more Christmasy and changed the date to reflect the year the hymn "Silent Night" was written. The "grass" at the bottom was changed to "snow." It is such a sweet design, I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty to make those changes. My LNS owner encouraged me to send a photo of my version, it is currently framed and on display at the shop. I'm attaching a photo of it. I took this pic at the shop, so there is a glare on the glass at the lower left I couldn't avoid.

Thank you for the beautiful designs you create for us stitchers!"

In case you've forgotten, here's what the original design looks like. I like Sherre's, too! How fun to see the ways people make pieces their very own.

And fancy Connie from Arkansas sent me THREE finishes of Shakespeare's Peddler pieces. Here are her pictures and her description:

"MD's Sampler and a close-up of that date on the crown I mentioned in the post below. Stitched on 32 ct PTP Mello (why do fabric pictures never do justice to the colors) with Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe fibers. Frame by Hobby Lobby, framing by me.

Father Sail Home stitched on 28 count Broomstick Brown with suggested GAST and DMC. Old frame from my stash that worked out great.

Sampler Roundy stitched on 32 count something or other (it's a pretty fall-ish kinda color, picture does not show it well at all) with DMC fibers. Finished as you suggested with wooden circles done in a cake plate stack.
I hope you enjoy my versions and feel that I did your designs the justice they deserve. Keep on designing and stitching!!!"

Thanks, ladies, for sending me your finishes to share. If anyone else has designs finished (or not finished!) of mine that you'd like to show off, send them to me in an e-mail. I'd love to show them off to everyone.

Have a great week!



Colleen said...

Oh, wow! Beautiful projects & stitching; kudos to each of you. Theresa, thank you for sharing both the pictures & their emails. How inspiring!

♥marylin♥ said...

oh very beautiful !!!! very nice
have a good day

marylin in France

Nancy said...

There is such talent among stitchers! Thanks for sharing these finishes and comments with us all!

Lynn said...

Beautiful stitches!! It must be so heartwarming to see how much your designs are loved.