Thursday, May 19, 2011

Come see me!

I have three needlework events I'll be attending this year. I wanted to post links to the information about where you can come and see me.

Silver Needle: A Summer Stitching Spree! I'll be there as Raise the Roof AND Shakespeare's Peddler. Teresa Layman is teaching a fabulous knotting class, too. This is in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Wednesday, July 13-Saturday, July 16.

Dyeing to Stitch: Seaside Seasons Retreat at Virginia Beach. I'll be there with Jeannette Douglass, R&R Reproductions and Shepherd's Bush. The dates are October 27-29. I've heard the beach is LOVELY!

Celebration of Needlework: At the lovely St. Charles Embassy Suites in Missouri (St. Louis). LOTS of fabulous shopping ... I'll have a booth there with all my wares (fabric, threads, patterns, etc.) LOTS of vendors... You can also take classes by Lori Markovic (La D Da) and Jeannette Douglas (and me!) Dates are September 15-19.

Hope you can come and see me. It's so much fun to spend time with other stitchers.


Gabi said...

I would LOVE to come and see you...but can't you come to Australia??? It's a tad far traveling for me I'm afraid :(

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anyone come out, Utah?

I am so jealous!

Peggy H.

ensignredshu said...

I am going to Silver Needle and can't wait to meet you.

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

Oh I wish I could but I'm down in Ga. Sounds like so much fun!