Friday, December 27, 2013

Passport Pincushion and Christmas Cheer

I have a new project chart to release, yes on Christmas week (when ISN'T a good time for a new chart?)  It's called "Passport Pincushion" and the packet takes you through the process of making your very own Passport Pincushion.  The instructions come with full-color pictures of steps of the process as well as a page full of sampler motifs to use to create a pincushion like mine.

The beauty of the project is that you can use bits and pieces of a lot of your charts that you may already have.  You can create themed pincushions (think holidays, samplers, letters & numbers, seasons, colors, primitive, French...whatever strikes your fancy.)  The instructions include how to make the little "Stamps" to decorate your pincushion and how to affix them.  I also tips and ideas for other can see on mine that I like to include various embellishments, scraps of fabric, and even specialty stitches sewn right onto the pincushion.

You can make these pincushions any shape or size, and they can not only be used as pincushions -- make ornaments, pinkeeps, box tops, framed pieces...your project is sure to be as individual as you are. I have taught this project as a class in the past, and creative types found this to be extremely fun...and people who are more "Type A" found it challenging, but rewarding.  You have to get over the idea that it will be perfect...make it messy, make it yours.  I just hope you have fun with it.  You can purchase the chart on my Etsy site "Letters Great and Small."  I will be shipping charts to the distributors the first of the week.

Just when I thought kitten season was over, here came three more little dearhearts.  A litter of six came to the shelter the day before Christmas eve, and they saved the three in the toughest shape for me.  Little Half Pint here only weighs 8 ounces, and our vet tech did not expect me to take him, as she said he was probably near death.  He was lethargic and weak (and is half the size of the others.)  I said it wasn't fair for any creature that small to be in a cage alone at the shelter on Christmas Day, especially knowing he would probably not make it.  She was really happy that I took him home.

The good news is, that several days later (after spending a few days in my warm robe pocket), he is eating well, using the litter box, and scampering around the house.  He is not gaining weight yet, but isn't losing any, either.  While I was doing photography this morning, he found a bit of lace on the couch that he made use of as a pillow, so I couldn't resist taking a few snapshots of him.  We will have him a few months -- it will take him probably eight weeks or more to come up to weight, and I do realize that as the runt of the litter, he still is not out of the woods.  

We had a nice Christmas with my mom and dad who drove from South Carolina to spend a few days with us.  Christmas eve was time for homemade gumbo, and we had a big turkey dinner on Christmas.  I made cranberry bread, too, and peanut butter kiss cookies, as well as my grandma's crescent cookies (made with a cream cheese dough, shaped like croissants, and filled with sugar, cinnamon and chopped walnuts.)

The cats all loved playing with the leftover ribbons and boxes, and the afternoon was spent cooking and playing cards.  Time with family is what is best for Christmas.

I am ready to face 2014 with a thankful heart and a busy needle.  This year was full of changes for me, and I am ready to tackle my new challenges while devoting more time to my family and my craft.  I wish you nothing but the best for 2014.


Cari said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Your Passport pin cushion looks like a lot of fun. And who wouldn't love that sweet, tiny kitten? Have a great holiday weekend !!

barbara said...

Your passport pin cushion is the cutest pattern I've seen in awhile - such a clever idea!

And your teeny, tiny kitten is pure heart-melting adorableness!

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

Your work is beautiful as is your heart :)

tangerinedream73 said...


Your kitten pictures are adorable as is your new pattern. I have been reading your blog for some time now and always enjoy seeing all of the kittens that you nurture. I have a question: would you consider sharing your grandmother's crescent cookie recipe? It sounds so yummy and I collect cookie recipes. I would love to try it. If it is a secret recipe, I understand if you can't share it. Thanks for considering sharing. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Amy Varnell-Miller

diamondc said...

Thank-you for being such a kind heart, we had a runt that was only a little over a pound and only four weeks nov, 2012, after 250.00 a cat with eyes that were stuck shut due to illness and buggers the size of a humans I tell you Blondie is the best cat we have ever had, she was abandoned at a foreclosure the people just left all the animals, the mother was killed and babies were left to die.
I am so happy one of the ladies at my husband work found her.
Merry Christmas

Koala said...

God bless you, Theresa, and your family, you have heart of gold! Happy New Year!

Gillie said...

Love that pattern! Thank you for all your rescue work too.

Karol R Johns said...

Love the pincushion. What a little love bug that lil guy is!

my2siamese said...

I have followed your blog for several years and missed it while you were "away". Glad to have you back and sharing everything "stitching" and all the kitties.

Kevin said...

Hope you had a nice Christmas, Theresa. How kind of you to bring that poor baby kitty home to care for on Christmas. I'm more of a "dog person" here, but there's no way I'd be able to live with myself knowing that little creature was all alone in a cage on Christmas. :-(

Love your new passport pin cushion - what a clever idea! Already grabbed one at your Etsy site. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Brenda said...

You are such a kind heart to take care of these sweet little kitties, I hope that Half Pint will continue to do well.
I love your pincushion, what a great idea!
I am also hoping that you will share your Grandmother's crescent cookie recipe, it sounds delicious!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Little Half Pint is adorable! Love your passport pincushion, too! Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Delania said...

I am so happy you are designing more - I love your work and also reading about your kindness to the kitties.

Chris said...

So glad that you are there for Half Pint and so many other kittens.
It sounds like a lovely holiday!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog! That sweet, precious kitten! I am so glad you took him in to comfort come what may. I have rescue ducks and a chihuahua and rescue is my favorite breed. Annie

Anonymous said...

Are you able to share your crescent cookie recipe please?

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