Friday, November 20, 2009

A new friend and a new craft

Yesterday my mailman knocked on my door to give me some packages, and when I stepped outside, I could hear a cat meowing somewhere. My mailman said, "Do you hear it, too?" I grabbed my packages, and a quick check of the bushes revealed a little black cat. At first, I thought she was trapped in there (the bushes are really pokey). But when I reached in, she ran out. So, I opened the back door to my shop and went in to get a little of Boo's food that I keep here at the shop, in case she's visiting. By that time, the little cat had run in and was meowing and checking everything out.

I gave her food (she ate every bite), a drink of water (she drank and drank and drank), and then she was really happy. She purred and kind of rubbed on me. To me, she looks like she is about 6 or 8 weeks old or so. We have a lot of wild cats in the lot adjacent to my shop, and I imagine this is a kitty whose mother recently quit nursing her. I scooped her up and put her in a box and took her to the shelter. If she's adoptable and healthy, they'll clean her up, give her her shots, spay her, and find her a home. If not, at least she had a little loving human contact and a full belly. If she were mine, I'd name her Spook.

Also, I tried my hand at needle felting last night (my supplies are the reason the mailman had to knock at my door -- otherwise, he just puts my mail in my mailbox.) I made a little red-winged blackbird, a pumpkin and a bumblebee (not pictured -- it's kind of silly, and I'm going to let the cats play with it. It's round like a ping pong ball and it has kind of googley eyes and it's sticking its tongue out.) I like that you can just come up with an idea and start creating. It's pretty easy, and fun to boot. May make some decorations for Christmas packages.


dianne dalton said...

love them! Did you have patterns?

Jen said...

Wow! Those look great. I'm impressed with the blackbird.

Catherine said...

How adorable - both the kitty and the felting. You are wonderful for taking care of Miss Spook. Hopefully she will find a great home!

Theresa said...

No patterns -- just started creating. If I come up with some more this weekend, I'll post pictures next week. I started an acorn this morning. The blackbird is even cuter in person. He's got fuzz sticking up on his head. You get better at it as you create. I want my needle felted pieces to be really dense.