Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We survived double-cat-bath-night!

OK, first off, the picture above is a bunch of the lace I bought on etsy.com last week. It was all waiting for me in my mailbox this morning at the shop. Some of the bobbin lace is especially fine and amazing. I don't know what I'm going to do with these, but they have a good home. Plus, I got a big bang out of the old picture that came with one of the lace pieces -- you can't really tell on the smaller picture above, but the lady doesn't look very happy about getting her picture taken.

Lucy Boo has a little skin thing going on, and the vet said yesterday we better give both cats a bath just in case. Both? Both?! Are you sure? I mean, Lucy only weighs 3 pounds (she gained a whole pound this week!), but Kitty is probably 11 anyway, and is pretty strong and, well, skittish/fraidy/intolerant.

We had never given her a bath before (she keeps herself very clean and soft.) So Steve and Graham and I started the water in the sink, and I swear, the cat did that all-four-paws-on-the-sides-of-the-sink/can't-push-me-in thing you see in the cartoons. At one point she hooked Steve's arm like a fishing lure, and at another, she was completely wrapped around his waist like a girdle. She made noises we had never heard before. And then she spent the rest of the evening in the living room with us, but at the other end of the room with her back to us.

Like I said, Lucy Boo is only 3 pounds, so she was much easier to handle. But she was shivery, so I held her in a blanket while she slept for a few hours on the couch while we watched our Monday night shows. At least she's still talking to us!


Unknown said...

What a hilarious story - poor cats! Hopefully they have recovered from their traumatic experience.

love your lace!

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Beautiful laces! Oh - holding the 'baby' probably didn't make Kitty any happier... poor dear - it wasn't even her fault.

Dona said...

Poor Kitty! I hope she's speaking to you by now.

The lace is really pretty and the picture interesting!

Theresa said...

Kitty is now back to her grand old self -- she has a very queenly personality (kind of aloof and grand). She is growing more fond of Boo every day -- in fact, they're playing hide and seek now-a-days.

Anonymous said...

I had to wash my Pretti Kitti when I first got her as Pretti found a place in the cellar that wasn't too clean. Didn't know anything about cats. Went to pet store and told them of the trouble. Do you know that shampoo for cats is available in a no tears formula?
Pretti is a white and tan long haired cat and weighs about 7 lbs. dripping wet.
We followed all the instructions on the shampoo bottle and rinsed her very well. She tried to get away a number of times but heck I have 3 sons who were slippery when they were small and had to have a bath. Wrapped her up in towels because they told me at the pet store she should be kept warm and it was Dec. Then I had a great idea, what not use my blow dryer? I did and Pretti liked that experience. Over the years she has had a few more baths because we have that bottle of expensive shampoo that may last forever. Maria S.