Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two you haven't seen yet...

Above is Elizabeth Gandey's sampler from England. She did not date her sampler, but I'd guess it's in the 1830-1840 range for date. She was only EIGHT years old! I had started charting this one as a class proposal for Celebration of Needlework, but they did not choose this class project, so I finished charting it this weekend and am sending it to Kathy, one of my model stitchers.

It's being stitched on 36 count Pear (by Lakeside Linens), which is very close to the original fabric color and count. Silks are a combination of a few different brands, and it will be VERY pretty! Yes, you can join the waiting list for this one. It's not as large as many of my samplers (and there's lots of open space on the sampler.) It's difficult to see in the picture, but there's a doggie in the lawn. I love that this one extolls the virtues of what Jesus said are the two most important commandments. I am also complete enamored with the vine that the cherub is holding up with the flowers/bird on it. So cool!

(I bought this sampler about a year ago on eBay -- paid about $75.00 for it. The original is stitched in wools, and has survived remarkably well.)

And this one is a sampler I won on eBay this weekend for $172.50. WHATTADEAL! It's Dutch, was stitched in 1824, and I love all of the soft, dusty colors. There is a hole in it (down in the right hand corner), but you gotta love that monkey sitting in a chair right above it. Lots of great motifs. No, I don't know when I'll chart this one -- but I couldn't pass up such a deal. I'll put a better picture up on the blog when I receive the sampler in the mail (this was one of the few pics I have from the auction.)

Now, the sampler above is NOT one I own, but I am stitching it. I do get tired of stitching my own designs/reproductions, and needed a break this last week. I've had this graph in my stash from The Scarlet Letter for probably ten years...it's Elizabeth Hudson, and believe it or not, she was a Quaker! I am always struck by red in a sampler, and this one has been fun to stitch so far (although all I've been doing is border.) You can still order this sampler at -- www.scarlet-letter.com/. (This link will take you directly to the Elizabeth Hudson page.)

Happy stitching everybody -- back to work!



Varla Lee said...

Hello! I'm just arrived for meet your beautiful blog. I think I'll never feel tired for admired and look old samplers, I really love and I start to stitch the first of a long series of. Thank you very much for show us those wonderful samplers. Your new follower, Varla Lee from Italy.

TeresaB said...

oh I love Elizabeth Gandey, so pretty. And the new Dutch one you got is sweet as it can be. That monkey is too adorable!

I love red too and love a sampler with it. I can see why you're enjoying Elizabeth Hudson.

Thanks so much for sharing your lovely samplers with us.

NIKY said...

Amazing beautifull my dear friend!!!Love them so much.

Katrina said...

Gorgeous samplers!!! Glad you are getting some 'personal' stitching time too :-).

Susan said...

One can never have too many samplers and your's are beautiful no matter what their condition!

Happy Stitching!