Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A-Wassailing Request Information

Hey ladies,

I've had a great response to the "A-Wassailing" kit (see the previous post), and have started a waiting list. I will be able to make an extra 25 or so kits, and may get some back from the Williamsburg retreat. But in order to make sure you have your name on the list, I will need a first and a last name (some of you indicated in the previous post you wanted to be on the list, but then I don't know who you are based on your first name only.)

The best way to get on the list is to send me an e-mail at xspeddler@yahoo.com with your first and last name, and if you're a new orderer, and I'm able to fill your order, I will eventually need payment information (Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, or you can send a check.) Thanks.

Oh, and here's a picture of kittens.


Lynn said...

The kittens are just too cute! Fargo reminds me of one of my former cats, Blue. He had the same colouring and type of fur.
I've just sent you an email with my name and request for the kit.
Thanks for the offer!

Lizzy Pizzy said...

Ditto what Lynn said.
Have sent my email to be added to the 'A-Wassailing' hopefuls who are unable to make to the show...
As always love the snap of the kitties - especially love Fargo's paw on Pekoe's head... LOL
Liz x

Phyllis said...

Cute little kitties. I sent you an email aboutthe "A-Wassailing" kit.