Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An angel, a bird and a girl

Some announcements today... (oh, and happy new year, by the way.) I had a nice Christmas with my family, a nice 21st anniversary the day after Christmas, and a nice case of strep throat and a cold virus on the 27th. I'm finally feeling better, but spent my week off sleeping, sneezing, coughing and dripping. That's how it goes!

This is the first in a monthly set of angels I'm releasing via Raise the Roof Designs this year. Above is February's angel which can be purchased as a graph from me (or through your local shop, which can get the designs from my distributors). OR, you can get it as a monthly offering as a complete kit with the custom-cut 30-count hand-dyed linen, enough threads, buttons and pins (JABCo) to finish for $35.00/month. You do not have to sign up as an auto -- you can pick and choose the ones you like, but if you get them all, the last one is free! They will all be about six by six inches (finished). This first one was fun, and I am looking forward to filling up your stitching baskets with 11 more!

Wren isn't really a bird -- he's a kitten we took care of for a few weeks in December. He's back at the shelter now -- I thought he was heavy enough for surgery, and although he was scheduled, he was slightly under the required weight last week, so they're beefing him up a little. I thought I'd share a picture. He is a great little guy. We're taking a kitten break for right now. The litters aren't coming in like they had been, and our cats need respite from the kitten storm. They have all been very lovey-dovey with us and with each other. They need some TLC, and things are definitely quieter for the time being.

And here is a PIECE of the Elizabeth Milner sampler from 1848 that I bought about two years ago for about $125.00 from eBay-UK. From now through June, you can collect one part per month to stitch the entire sampler by purchasing something at Shakespeare's Peddler. Get on an auto, or talk to me if you want to set up some orders over the next six months to make sure you don't miss out on one part of this band sampler. I am not showing the entire sampler now...but I will tell you there are squirrels and owls at the bottom...some strawberries...and a verse about how a good woman should be seen and not heard! Well! I will be releasing the piece for SALE as a full chart in a year's time, but you can get it stitched long before anyone else can find it, can't you?


Ginger said...

I can see that you are trying to entice us with all sorts of goodies this year!

I am looking forward to the angels and Elizabeth Milner.

It is probably always a good idea to include kitty pictures with things like this as they make anything hard to resist!

Diana said...

I will definitely order this one and probably all of them. So..very CUTE

P.J. said...

Cute angel and sweet kitty Wren. Ooh, liken' the Elizabeth Milner sampler. I really like the yellows, don't see that too much. Kind of sunshiny!

Gabi said...

The Elizabeth Milner sampler looks gorgeous. So does your Angel ornament.
Having no kittens around will give you a bit of a peaceful time. As gorgeous as those little buggers can be, they can be also rather lively.

Brenda said...

Oh how wonderful of a sampler that will be!!! I are enticing and IT'S WORKING at least with me!!!

As for your pinkeeps, those are just way too cute as well! Hmmm do I keep up with the LL fabric orders each month or go with your pinkeep releases??? Oh decisions decisions!!!

And of course....Wren is just sooo adorable!!! Please keep all kitty pics coming as I don't have one at the moment.

woolwoman said...

fun idea Theresa to get a part of the Elizabeth order as an incentive for ordering each month. Might not be able to resist that offer. Melody

Lizzy Pizzy said...

Oh you are a tease.. did they call you Teaser Theresa at school or is something you have grown into? Will drop you an email to set up an auto account...
Happy New Year to you too BTW, sorry to hear you spent your hols sick, often seems to happen when you push deadlines with work and home before taking a break... glad you are feeling better again.
Thanks for the snap of Wren. Hope your household enjoys a bit of kitten-free TLC and bonding time
Liz x

Lynn said...

Happy New Year and a belated Happy Anniversary too! Sorry that miserable cold had to put a damper on things.
I love seeing the kittens but I agree that sometimes it's a good idea to give your own furbabies a break and some extra lovin'.
The angel is adorable and I'm going to have a hard time resisting this series especially when there's an added bonus when you purchase. Elizabeth Milner is gorgeous!