Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Isolde and Dottee

Steve and I scooped up these two lovely girls yesterday after they came down with colds at the shelter. Isolde had just had her surgery, and Dottee couldn't go (because of her cold.) Once again, we saved some furry little lives. They're doing great, and I thought I'd share pictures. I may already have a home for Isolde with a customer here at the shop! I'm trying to get together a group of volunteers for a Sneeze Brigade; fosters who are willing to take in these dogs and cats who just need ten days on an antibiotic in order to survive. No takers yet, but lots of friendly support.

This is Dottee. She's a grey and coral-pink calico with olive-colored eyes. She's a chunky gal (there's just more of her to love.) She's very happy to rub her face on my legs, and she's got a quiet calm manner about her.

And this is Isolde. She walked into our house last night, checked out the joint, then found a nice spot on Steve's lap while he watched Storage Wars. She's very lean and lanky and is kind of a seal point/tabby mix -- silver with blue eyes. She loves to knead her tiny little feet on anything soft, and she spent the night resting comfortably on the pillow in our guest room.

Wren's new owner, Sharon, wants to express her thanks for all of your good wishes. Steve and I drove him half-way to Pensacola and got to meet his new family -- Sharon, and her daughter and her mother. There was some discussion about what to name him, but they decided on "Tabasco." Sharon reports he's doing great in his new home; he's found the food and water no problem and loves to snuggle at night.


Kristen said...

A Sneeze Brigade - I love it! And 2 more gorgeous kitties get a second chance. You're good people, Theresa!

Carmen Sutton said...

Oh what lovely cats. I have Isoldes twin. Her new owner is very lucky!

Krista said...

I enjoyed reading through your blog! I love samplers and your Jane Pattison is absolutely beautiful, can't wait for it to be released. And what a wonderful thing you are doing for all these beautiful kitty cats. They are all so adorable how could someone not want to adopt them. I wish I could take them all home with me!

Sharon said...

They are both gorgeous cats! Love Dottee's coloring and Isolde's eyes. I hope they will find homes soon. Tabasco has a new buddy and they love to play together! Male bonding is the same even with animals-lol

Lynn said...

They're both such gorgeous girls!
Isolde reminds me very much of the resident cat at our vets. Such pretty blue eyes!
Dottee could steal your heart away in a moment though!