Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kitten update

You may remember we adopted out Fargo two days before Christmas...he is settling in at his new place and getting bigger already! His name is Dexter now, and in addition to being "a major snuggle monster" to new mommy Sam, he also tipped over the fish bowl and ate her fish. She said he's very happy and loving. Aw!

In other news, we came home with a new foster cat yesterday. She had been to surgery, and was set to go to PetSmart, but had come down with a cold. Unfortunately, that's usually a death sentence, due to space issues at the shelter. FORTUNATELY for Azrael, we just happened to be walking by the right people at the right time, and we scooped her up. I'll post a picture tomorrow, but I will tell you she is grey with a white bib and chin and a tiny sliver of white on her forehead. She's a long-haired beauty, about a year old, who is SO loving and sweet. I'm hoping maybe we can find her a home here from someone reading the blog (hint hint) or on the Southern Pines Animal Shelter web page. I've only heard her sneeze a few doesn't seem very serious, but we're going to keep an eye on her for a few days.


robindefender said...

How sad to hear that getting a cold often means a cat has to be put down! Looking forward to seeing a picture of your sweet rescue girl.

As for the new adoptee eating the fish, ew! I'm glad he's cute and sweet enough that his new mom can forgive him.

Karyn said...

Ohhhh melting just seeing the pic of "Dexter" and hearing about the new sweetie...again you are such an angel, Theresa.

marly said...

He ATE the fish???? Well, once he tipped the bowl over, I guess he didn't want them to suffer a slow death. I'm surprised that a kitten can knock over a water filled fish bowl. Was he framed?

Peggy Lee said...

I hope your new kitty gets well soon.
I can't believe Dexter ate the fish!

Lizzy Pizzy said...

Dexter seems an appropriate name - very appealing to look at but with a 'dark' hunter/killer urge inside...
Is it just me, or was that a very, VERY short foster kitten free break for your household - LOL.
I am sure Wren and Azrael are very, VERY grateful tho, and so too will their new families be
Liz x

Ginger said...

I am happy for Dexter and expect he will live the pampered life he deserves. I do hope that Azreal will thrive at your house and a permanent home will be found soon! Thanks for the updates, we all need our kitty fix!

Anonymous said...

Theresa You mean the "stroumpfs" of course I love them and they are BELGIAN.... for once not french even though I adore my french friends... Very proud we are..and my neighbour has a dog called '"stroumpf" In Belgium, when we can't find something we say we have "stroumpfed it" ansoforth for other things..