Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ragamuffin #2 ready for a trip up north

I finally have finished charting Ragamuffin #2: A Quaker Sampler.  It was a really fun and challenging one to chart, because the colors are beautiful, and I had to do some creative filling where I've got alphabets missing.  I did some research looking at how other Quaker alphabets are put together, and I think I've done a pretty good job filling in where time has done some taking away.

I know there are some of you stitchers and shops who like to know supply lists in advance.  I don't know quantities yet, but here is what I've selected for silks/fabric:

Gloriana: Antique Black (Florimell), Vanilla (Silk)
Au Ver a Soie 1814, 3723, 2212, 1845, 3812
Needlepoint Silk 901, 224

Fabric is 32 count Vintage Light Exemplar (Lakeside Linens).  Stitch count is 340 by 290, so you'll need a pretty big piece.

To pre-answer some of your questions:

No, I don't know how long it will take my model stitcher to finish this (you can encourage her by placing comments on this blog post, though).  But the chart is finished ... I'll be waiting on the picture of the finished piece and thread amounts for my key.

No, I don't know what reproduction I'm going to tackle next, but I'll let you know on the blog when I've decided.

Yes, you can pre-order the chart and/or supplies.  I already have my Lakeside Linen on order, and will be ordering my silks soon.  Access Commodities and Gloriana will be getting calls from me, so they know to stock up on these colors.

Yes, I will be doing a conversion to DMC floss (as always).

The kittens are all well and happy.  Isabelle's kitties are getting big...and fat.  I'm having to take them out at least once a day to make them crawl around (or they'd be happy to just park their keesters and let mom do all of the work.)  But they are VERY sweet, and I'll take some pictures to post.  They are ADORABLE and SO NICE.  Isabelle is amazing.

The other bunch I took in on Friday have been named: Violet, Charlie and Willie (Wonka).  They had to go to the vet for tummy aches this week, but they're feeling much better, and finally getting adjusted to "not mother's milk."  They are VERY active, strong, SMART kittens.  They are already playing, stalking, pouncing, and following simple commands (or just following my voice.)  This all in spite of the fact that they are so small the vet had to weigh them on the reptile scale (Violet weighs just 200 ounces!)

Also, don't forget that if you're participating in my fund raiser, I need your check by the first.  Otherwise, I'll have to sell your packet to someone else.  The new cat equipment is on order for the shelter and will be delivered around May 18th.  I am VERY excited, and VERY proud of you guys and my faithful industry friends who chipped in to help us make something great happen.

Until next time...happy stitching!


Rindy said...

This is going to be a GORGEOUS sampler. Can't wait!

Michele B. said...

It sounds wonderful Theresa! How can you go wrong with Lakeside Linens and Silk!!!! I can't wait!

Dansville, MI

Annette-California said...

All the colors for ragamuffin 32 look gorgeous. Beautiful fabric you've selected for this sampler:)
Glad to hear the kittens are well and happy. They are lucky to get to be with you.

SharoninStLouis said...

Looks like another winner! Will you be getting the linen in a finer count (maybe 40) for those of us who are running out of wall space?
The kittens are adorable and lucky to have you. Good thing I am too far away to add any of them to my feline family.

Theresa said...

I have ordered the Vintage Light Exemplar in 28, 32, 36 and 40 count, so you can use the count you like best. :)

woolwoman said...

can't wait to see the quaker finished - I love the silks you chose and you already know I adore Florimell Antique black - ooh la la
you are such a sweet person for being so devoted to all those kitties. Bless you theresa - mel

diamondc said...

I am loving the color of fabric and threads.
I look forward to the stitched piece.

Brenda said...

The new sampler that is being reproduced looks to be gorgeous from just the silk colors and fabric choice. I'll be anxiously awaiting to see the final piece!

Happy Stitching to the model stitcher!

melodyr said...

The colors are so pretty. Can't wait to see the finished model.

Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait to see the design stitched.....hurry! LOL
Those are lovely colors for the floss and fabric. I have never stitched with Florimell, looking forward to trying it out.
Thank you for taking care of the kitties, you are so kind, bless you.
Judy in Kansas

Kathy said...

Got the materials in the mail yesterday and got started on the boarder last night - Kathy, the Model Stitcher

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing this design. You've chosen some wonderful flosses for this, and I like the fabric choice as well. Thanks!