Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good golly, Miss Molly

I am overwhelmed, swamped, bowled over with, and completely drowned by people offering to stitch models for me. That's awesome! I have been printing out requests as they come in, and will respond to the group next week after I get back from Tulsa, Oklahoma (Silver Needle retreat.)

I can tell you that I will be placing each stitcher's informal application in order of preference depending on country of origin (shipping these types of things over-seas makes me nervous), how well (if at all) I know the stitcher, experience in model stitching, ability to stitch on fine counts and ability to work me into her schedule. The entire group will hear from me by e-mail...later. Give me time to sort it all out. Thank you for your kind interest!

Also, I took in another foster kitty yesterday afternoon. His name is Zero, and he was found by a bulldog, who was walking his man. Zero looks to be about six weeks old, and although our shelter is putting down all kittens under two pounds who are coming in right now, they gave Zero a reprieve due to unbearable cuteness, good condition, and an aroma around him like fresh laundry. It's inexplicable. I bathed him, and he still smells like a dryer sheet. He is a grey long-hair with grey eyes, and although he loves people, going for rides in the car, and BATHS of all things, he's still "working out" his issues about other cats.

Of course, every feline in the house had to go sniff his butt when I brought him home. You can't blame him for being uptight about that.

Dottie and Elvis are in surgery today. My friend Jennifer is adopting Elvis (hooray!) and it is going to nearly kill me to give Dottie away. I will post "graudation" pictures of them soon. So proud of those little cats.

(P.S. One day last week, my blog had over ONE THOUSAND visits! That's crazy! Thank you, everyone, for your support.)


Lisa said...

It's probably a good thing I don't live close to you--I'm pining for a kitty since mine died over two years ago. Unfortunately, there are too many family members with allergies who couldn't visit when I had cats. :-(

diamondc said...

Dear Zero: You have some orders to give mommy Teresa lots of cuddling time lots of nose kisses and lots of your time I know play time is important but so are moms remember to get along with the other kitties of the house they are older and wiser, you will learn from them.
Theresa how lucky you are to go to the shelter and see the creatures Godgave us here on Earth
Blessings to you for all your hard work.

robindefender said...

Dang! I was hoping for a photo of the new guy. I don't know how you stand to take them in and then give them away, but I'm glad you can, since you're saving so many sweet little lives.

GingerCat said...

Based on your description, maybe you should have named Zero, Tide. :-)

You are so nice to be fostering the little babies. I am sure that the people getting them appreciate the love and attention that they get while at your house.

If we lived closer, I think I would have had to "steal" Dottie. She is just too cute. (The boys are cute too, but we always have girl kitties.)

I thought about the model stitching post long and hard. I know how long it takes me to stitch a piece and could be rather realistic about it. However, I decided that it was much better for me to stitch just because I want to stich than to make a deadline. I have enough of those already! :-)

Nancy said...

Looking forward to a picture of Zero soon! Love those kitties!

Michelle H said...

I love your description of the dog walking his man!

marly said...

Oh no!! How can you lead up to being unbearably cute and not show a photo!

Judy B said...

Thanks for the update on your 'kittys' .... you and your family will have a special place in Heaven. Judy B

PS - love, love, love your xstitch!