Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shmoreo Shmookie

I had a great time in Tulsa at The Silver Needle retreat last weekend -- thanks to all of you who came and helped put on a great weekend. Lindy has a beautiful shop which is well-worth a visit if you're in the Tulsa area. And her employees are so friendly and helpful. Plus, there's a really great quilting shop around the corner.

I'm sharing a picture of one of my class projects (this was a Raise the Roof design). It's a hand-dyed wool felt needlebook that opens up and has cream filling on the inside (made from quilt batting.) It was fun to see how everyone's cookies turned out. Just a few simple stitches make this up -- blanket stitch, backstitch, Lazy Daisy, and Colonial knots (plus a few cross stitches.)

I took in two more foster kittens yesterday (Dottie will be going to PetSmart as soon as a cage opens up.) Zero is growing quickly. Simba and Mufasa are my two new babes -- little orange puff-balls. They look to be about five weeks old. Two of their litter mates were euthanized. These two were spared, and are going to hang out with me until they're big enough for surgery. I'll post pictures soon. They're very, very cute, and nervous. They probably weigh about twelve ounces each, but they puff up, arch their backs, and skid around trying to look tough. The other cats just look at them and roll their eyes.


BrendaS said...

Theresa --
Thanks for a great weekend! I had a wonderful time and enjoyed looking at all your old samplers and all your reproduction samplers and having quite a few laughs with you and Sue:)))

Kathy K said...

Can't wait to see Simba and Mufasa - no wonder they are puffing up and arching their backs - look at the names they've got.

Sherry :o) said...

I love this cookie is cute. Can't wait to see pictures of your new kitties.

Walnut Creek Electricians said...

This was great to rread