Friday, June 29, 2012

Graduation Day!

There comes a day with all of (ok, most of) our foster kittens, when they must leave the house.  It's kind of a graduation day, of sorts, when they venture out into the big, big world and make a life for themselves with a new family.  It's always kind of bittersweet getting to the end of our time with the little ones.  I try not to call them "babies" anymore, and get choked up when I take them to PetSmart and say what could be my final "farewell" to each kitten.

But, before they go, I always have to take a few last snapshots for my kitten wall here at the shop (which is more full all of the time.)  Here are our recent graduates:

The Professor: Found in a storm drain at The University of Southern Mississippi (where my husband works).  Special skills -- snuggling, kissing, and being very sweet.  He will be a big cat, but has a lot of love for a new family.  I really can picture this laid-back fellow in a university household.  So, so nice.  We really will miss this guy.

Bunny: Born Easter weekend.  Special skills: following the rules, being cautious, and looking cute.  Bunny was always very careful to look to her mother for permission to venture out, and was always very careful when it was time to play.  Plus, look at that nice white bib.

A nice family saw my posts on the Southern Pines Animal Shelter Facebook page and MET ME at PetSmart when I took the gang over.  Bunny was adopted and is now living with Savannah (above) who is three and loves her new kitten.  Bunny's new "mom" said she's doing great and has learned to purr (something I had never heard her do at our house).  I am thrilled to know this sweet girl has a cat friend to grow up with.  I can't tell you how happy this picture makes me.

Isabelle: Named after Joan of Arc's mother...brave little mother of four kittens.  Strengths -- raising four active kittens, patience of a saint, and a strict disciplinarian.  I am hoping Isabelle finds someone who will properly spoil her after she had kittens at just seven months of age.  She is now fixed and ready for a life of luxury.

Peter: Last of his litter to open his eyes and get around well.  Strengths -- sitting on laps and receiving affection, chasing cat toys, being a social dude.  I worried about him early, and then Pete really grew on me.  I will miss his friendly demeanor and white socks.  He's going to make someone a really nice cat friend.

Jelly Bean: The strongest and most active of her litter from day one.  Strengths -- play time, hanging out with people asking for play time, and sitting around hoping for more play time.  Jelly (as I called her) is going to be a VERY long, lanky cat, and would you look at those ears?  She's got a ton of personality and will be so much fun for the family who adopts her.

Dear Prudence isn't ready for graduation yet.  But she's getting bigger and stronger every day.  And it's having extra little faces like these at home that makes it easier to let the bigger ones graduate.  I hope you had the time of your life, little ones!  Here's to many years of sunshine-y windows, cat treats, scratchy posts, and love and affection from your new owners.


Cath said...

Oh , such gorgeous graduates. Brought tears to my eyes.
They are all beautiful and do you proud .XXX

Ginger said...

Ah, the little ones are leaving the nest. You are such a good kitty mom. I must tell though, "Dear Prudence" is a heart stealer! What a cutie!

Nicole said...

Awe, they are all so sweet! I rescued a kitten in May and she has brought me so much joy! I commend you for all the work you do for them!!

pamelaric said...

Theresa - I sure wish I lived closer to you (I'm in Tucson) so that when the time comes, I could adopt a couple of your sweet little ones. I'm owned by Chrissy, a lynx-point siamese, who will be 20 the first week of September. She has started losing muscle mass and is sleeping a lot more lately. Vet says she's healthy but very, very old. There is no way that I will spend any time without a kitty companion, so when Chrissy crosses the rainbow bridge, I'll be looking to adopt a couple of fur balls. Even with the heartbreak of losing a little one, I envy you your rescue efforts. What wonderful things you are doing. You are my hero!!!

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

All so cute! We are trying to get all of our porch cats spayed and neutered, but there are 2 who are very afraid and we found 4 kittens under the deck yesterday. *sigh* A never-ending battle.

Anonymous said...

There all so lovely. What a great graduating class. I'm sure they will find new homes soon.

marly said...

Wishing all your fosters find families after your wonderful care. Bless you!

P.J. said...

They are too cute. You should be proud. They will go into the world to be something good and great.

"Everybody wants to be a cat!"- The Aristocats.

Oh BTW I opened my package this past weekend with my girlfriend, it was my BDay gift. Yes, we waited to open these weeks after they arrived, until we were together for S-n-B weekend. Everyone out did themselves, what a lovely collection for a lovely cause. Thank you again for being a guardian for these little angels.

Anja said...

Dear Theresa,
thank you for all you do for the babies.
Thank you for all the nice fotos and reports you share with us.
In my family we often talk about you and your work and everyone wants to see the fotos.
You do a wonderful work!

Warm regards from a cat loving family and cross stitch mom from Germany.

Anonymous said...

Theresa, Thank you for taking care of so many beautiful little kittens.

Lynn said...

Congrats to all the graduates! I hope they all find homes as wonderful as yours! Love that pic of Bunny and Savannah!