Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy news!

About fifteen years ago, when I was living in Winona, Minnesota, our local EGA group took a day trip to Sullivan, Wisconsin to The Scarlet Letter.  The daffodils were blooming, and the weather was that cold air/warm sun fresh air of early spring.

The farm where The Scarlet Letter had set up shop was filled with period buildings and stepping onto the grass from our motor home felt like stepping back in time.  Peacocks roamed the grounds, and behind a fence pasture fence stood a shaggy bull with long horns.  Knitters could go to a little shed and have a sheep shorn -- the wool was put into bags fresh off the animal.

They had set up a little tent in the back with ham sandwiches and drinks.  And attendees could walk through the main house -- filled with antique (SUPER COOL) furniture and small booths of goods like handmade soaps and candles.  And there was another house set up as a shop -- this one was packed with sampler models, kits, books, fabric, frames, and stitchers, of course.  I purchased a kit and a few charts, and a book.  And I felt so connected not only to other stitchers interested in what *I* was interested in...but also to stitchers from years past.

It was shortly after this visit that I opened my shop online (in 1997).  And over the years, I have continued to look at The Scarlet Letter's web site...ordering charts now and again that I especially enjoyed.  In fact, there were a few birthdays, that I spent part of my day just looking through the catalog...and then placing an order as my birthday treat to myself.

I am pleased to announce that I am going to start carrying graphs from The Scarlet Letter.  But I need your help!  Marsha currently has over 300 samplers to choose from.  I know a number of them that for sure I am going to get in...but help me by listing some of your favorites in the comments section.  They can be ones you own, or ones you have on your wish list.  That will help me narrow it down a little.

You can find The Scarlet Letter's web site at

(Note: The sampler pictured is the new Hannah Carter sampler done around 1748.  I just purchased this chart this week -- and it's AMAZING!!!)

(P.S. The cats and kittens are all doing well.  I will take new pictures this weekend and post next week. We are going through an inhuman amount of litter and cat food right now...there are 17 cats/kittens in my house.  I have to get up around 5:55 every morning to put down a few cans of food, and then put down some more before I leave for work.  The kittens are all getting bigger, and they are all happy, healthy, and SO ACTIVE!)


Ralee said...

What wonderful news--both about the kittens and your carrying The Scarlet Letter graphs. I remember my Michigan Needlework group taking a road trip to the shop and being so inspired (that's why I have samplers going up my staircase now!).

And speaking of birthdays, these charts have been languishing on my own birthday list for some time now: "American Quaker Band," "Ann Grimshaw," "Mary Ann Hutton" (I have Edgar of Blacksheep to blame for this), and "Mary Stringer."

Unfortunately (for me), I'll be back to mail order shopping exclusively too soon since my LNS has decided to close at the end of the year. Guess I'll become a regular customer. looking forward to doing business with you :)

Keep the kitten posts coming. I'm the proud mommie of a rescue kittie, Elvis, paralyzed from the hip down as a kitten, healed by the best vet (my vet, Jo Wellman) and vet student (my son)in the world, and now king of our hearts and home.

the striped rose said...

What fun! Here are some of my favorites. Janet Carsels, All for an Appil, Catte, Isabel Redie, Ruth Batcheler, Ruthy Rogers, The Hart Lives Where it Loves, and Unicorn Bell Pull.

Kristen said...

There are so many lovely samplers to choose from, but I'm going to list the ones that are high on my wish list: Jane Atkinson and Dorothy Walpole.

woolwoman said...

Theresa - this was a lovely post - I'm sure I will never make it to a SL open house but it is always fun to read what others think about visiting there. I'm glad you are going to be a retailer for SL - I have a whole slew of the ones I like but I always see more on my favorite blogs. Can't wait to see what you pick out. Enjoy your weekend - melody

Mary said...

Theresa, I have ben lusting after Ann Medd all spring and have my eye on All for an Appil to. Ann Grimshaw and Sarah Tatum are classics! So happy to hear you will be carrying SL charts.

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Theresa,
I have loved SL samplers from practically the beginning. Some of my favorites are Isabel Redie, Jane Atkinson, Sarah Willson, and Ann Wallace. All of them are so beautiful, you can't go wrong!

Cathy B said...

It's already been mentioned, but I'm going to list it again - Mary Ann Hutton!

Kiwiflowa said...

ooo that was fun looking at all those samplers.

My favourite chart is Dorothy Walpole.I would love to stitch that one one day!!

I also quite like the American/Rhode Island school ones like Betsy Davis and Elizabeth Sheffield and Susan Singleton.

Kerri said...

What a great addition to the repros you have charted. The SL charts are very nice. I am stitching my first one that my husband bougt for me for Christmas this year - Dorothy Walpole. It is a joy to stitch.

Others on my list Jane Atkinson but that oen is a big one. I also love the Flame stitch sampler that was in there magazine add for years and I love the colors.

But samplers are like M&Ms - how can you have just one! there are some beauties to choose from. Good luck with the new line.

Ann said...

Hi Teresa,

I'm a regular visitor of your blog (although I don't post often) and I wanted to let you know that I soooo enjoy reading about your little - and bigger - cats (and your family).

As for the Scarlet Letter samplers that are a must ... do you have a moment :-)?

I would go for = Marie Abbott (1680), Jane Atkinson (1780), Boxer Band (1650), Sarah Brignell (1769), Matilda Ann Charles (1819), Mery Cox (1670), EK (1653), Elisabeth (1629), Margret Gatis (1711), Elizabeth Ginger (1735), Grazing Sheep (1810), Ann Grimshaw (1818), Hornbook Bestiary, Mary Hurst (1161), Joyce Leedes (1675), Frances Marshall (1838), Jane Parish (1718), Pattern Record (1625), Polly Philip (1172), Martha Salter (1651), Spot Motif (1640) and Sarah Wilson (1837).

That's it (hope the list isn't too long :-)

Have fun chosing "your" samplers :-)

Already wishing you a nice weekend!

Teresa said...

I love the Scarlet Letter charts - SO excited you will be getting them! I have the Pineapple Sampler on my list of 'must haves' - it would be great if you stock it at some point :D There are too many others to list - I love most of their band samplers!